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My powered subwoofer turns itself on / off

The subwoofer has an automatic switch (auto standby function), which depends on the input level of the output stage of the subwoofer on or off.
The automatic system is set so that when exceeding a certain fixed threshold value, the unit is turned on.

If this threshold is below a certain specified time, the subwoofer is turned off again.

If the subwoofer is switched on only during the loudest passages, you should set the level at the level of control on the subwoofer, if any, reduce, so the same bass response, a higher level from the receiver has to come, which means that the switch has been exceeded before.

If the subwoofer is used in conjunction with large speakers for the front section, a change in the speaker setup may help.
(Enable double bass increase, crossover for the front speakers)

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